30 March 2007

Call for papers: Sculptured surface machining

Call for papers: Sculptured surface machining

A special issue of International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials

At the present time, the milling of sculptured and complex surfaces is an important topic from both industrial and technological points of view. Several problems coincide in the same workpiece, for instance, a difficult-to-cut steel or superalloy, a complex geometry and narrow tolerances to be achieved. Usually success comes from a holistic view of the design and manufacturing process, where milling in three or five-axis is critical.

The mould and die manufacturers are placed in all the industrialised or emerging countries, with strong competition among firms and even among countries. This fact has brought new machining approaches for roughing, semi finishing and finishing, new polishing and surface treatment technologies and new process planning. This special issue aims to include works about several of these topics, especially in machining. Another important industrial sector involves aircraft engine components, some of them with complex ruled or sculptured surfaces. In this case, the rotational parts must be studied for the influence of the machining on the in-service component behaviour. Finally, various new applications of ceramics or sintered materials for tool manufacturing have increased the use of non-conventional techniques such as electrodischarge machining or ultrasonic machining.

This special issue invites the submission of high quality research articles related to milling and surface finishing of sculptured surfaces, including moulds, dies, blades, and other complex surfaces.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Milling of moulds, dies or blades
  • Three-axis and five-axis milling of complex surfaces
  • Surface finish and surface polishing
  • Machinability of tool materials or related materials
  • Nontraditional machining processes of complex surfaces
  • Behaviour of machines and CNC when milling complex surfaces
  • CAM programming of sculptured surfaces
  • Effect of machining on the surface integrity and residual stresses
  • Errors in sculptured surface machining
  • Micromilling for micromould or microdies
  • Models for ball-end milling, bull-nose milling or flank milling
  • Optimisation of design and manufacturing of moulds or dies
Important Dates

Submission: 30 June 2008
Decision: 30 September 2008
Revised manuscripts: 30 November 2008

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