13 March 2007

Special issue: Institutional change in agricultural innovation systems

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology 6(2) 2007 is a special issue: Institutional change in agricultural innovation systems.
Article titles:
* Building on the positive: an actor innovation systems approach to finding and promoting pro poor natural resources institutional and technical innovations
* Network architecture, barter exchange and the diffusion of ideas
* A conceptual framework for managing information flow in innovation systems
* Analysing organisational learning capacity as a window on the national agricultural innovation system: a participatory approach in Nicaragua
* Induced technical and institutional change in tropical agriculture
* Public–private partnerships for agricultural innovation: concepts and experiences from 124 cases in Latin America
* Changing paradigms for organising R&D: agricultural research and the creation of the PROINPA Foundation in Bolivia
* International trade as a source of economic growth: trade barriers and institutions

1 comment:

Cris Sette said...

It is a very interesting article and very much related my current work on pro-poor agricultural innovation. I would be contacting some of the special issue authors for future collaborations.
Thank you
Cristina Sette
Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC)