5 March 2007

Call for papers on: Sport event marketing: creating relationship value

Call for papers on: Sport event marketing: creating relationship value

A special issue of International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

Sport events are innumerable and diverse. Global, national or local, they constitute social facts generating an emotional experience for the stakeholders involved. They differ in particular by their format, governance, goals, and their social, economic and environmental impact. Marketing professionals conceive and implement marketing strategies, originally focusing on audience, sponsors and media, but nowadays addressing a large number of stakeholders (i.e. international federations, rights owners, clubs, organising committees, marketing agencies, governments, public sector, local authorities, etc.), constituting a network defined by their relationships. This event-driven network stimulates those stakeholders to implement a relationship marketing strategy and to create a value constellation which provides benefits for all.

The aim of this special issue is to provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to contribute to a scholarly body of knowledge on sport event marketing. As such, manuscript submissions are encouraged from the areas identified below. They may relate to one-shot global mega events (e.g. Olympic Games), recurrent events e.g. (UEFA Champions League, etc.) or local ones, and concern all the stakeholders involved and their relationship with the event. Quantitative analyses or qualitative studies are equally encouraged. Theoretical research, empirical contributions and cases studies are also welcome.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Brand marketing (e.g. branding strategies, brand value, brand equity, brand experience)
  • Marketing and media rights
  • Network based relationship marketing (i.e. stakeholder networks)
  • Market based relationship marketing (i.e. CRM, identification and loyalty programmes, cross-selling)
  • Internal marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Innovation strategies
  • Successful communication strategies
  • Multi-channel communications platforms integrations (i.e. database, internet, media)
  • Managing media relationships
  • Territorial marketing
  • Social and cause related marketing
  • Bidding process and marketing strategies
  • Marketing and volunteers programmes
  • Organisation structure and marketing action
  • Monitoring marketing action and performance assessment

Important Date

The deadline date for submission is: 17 December 2007

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