26 March 2007

First issue: European Journal of International Management

The first issue of European Journal of International Management has just been published

This is the first international journal devoted entirely to fostering an understanding of issues in international management theory and practice in the newly expanded European arena – including the underrepresented regions of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe – and to providing both conceptual and functional implications useful for the further development of research, teaching practices, and managerial techniques.

It also solicits literature that allows for a broader interpretation of research – it welcomes not only papers which adhere to the most common research standards (i.e., largely based on hypothesis testing using quantitative methods), but also those that introduce a more European perspective through qualitative and interdisciplinary contributions.

The main objective of the journal is to establish an outlet for scholars interested in a variety of topics in international management in Europe. Papers are aimed not only at the academic community preoccupied with purely conceptual research, but also at other academics actively involved in transferring theoretical wisdom into actionable knowledge.

In general, EJIM is designed to serve a slightly wider segment of the academic audience by containing strong implications for both teaching and practicing communities, while still maintaining both academic quality and rigor.

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