15 March 2007

Special Issue: Computational methods and techniques for nanoscale technology computer aided design

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 2(3/4) 2006 is a special Issue: Computational methods and techniques for nanoscale technology computer aided design. It includes papers from the International Workshop on Computational Nano-Science and Technology held in conjunction with the 2005 International Conference on Computational Science in Atlanta, USA, on 22–25 May 2005.

Article titles:
* Wigner function approach to nano device simulation
* Quantum corrections: a multilevel solver for the density-gradient equation
* Fast algorithm for bandstructure calculation in silicon nanowires using supercell approach
* Simulation of material and processing effects on photoresist line-edge roughness
* A drain-current model for DG PMOSFETs with fabricated 35 nm device comparison
* Energy-balance modelling of short channel single-GB thin-film transistors
* Optimising an inductor circuit and a two-stage operational transconductance amplifier using evolutionary and classical algorithms
* Semi-deterministic versus genetic algorithms for global optimisation of multichannel optical filters
* Design and simulation of logic gates using single electron transistors at room temperature
* Bandstructure and electronic states in terahertz quantum cascade lasers
* Terahertz harmonic generation in miniband semiconductor superlattices
* Modelling and simulation of electronic relaxation processes in phosphorescent molecules in organic light emitting diodes
* Conjugate-gradient eigenvalue solvers in computing electronic properties of nanostructure architectures
* A meshfree particle method with stress points and its applications at the nanoscale
* A material approach for the computation of electrostatic forces in MEMS structures
* Computational mechanics modelling of nanoparticle-reinforced composite materials across the length scales
* What's so special about nanocrystalline semiconductors?

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