18 March 2007

Special issue: Pollution prevention through simulation and optimisation

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 29(1-3) 2007 is a special issue: Pollution prevention through simulation and optimisation.

Article titles:
* An algebraic targeting approach to resource conservation via material recycle/reuse
* Flare minimisation via dynamic simulation
* Simultaneous treatment of environmental and financial risk in process design
* Optimum waste interception in Liquefied Natural Gas processes
* Multi-objective integrated solvent selection and solvent recycling under uncertainty using a new genetic algorithm
* Application of the water cascade analysis technique for water minimisation in a paper mill plant
* Leasing and extended producer responsibility for personal computer component reuse
* Multiobjective optimisation for environment-related decision making in paper mill processes
* Optimal regulations for sustainable chemical manufacturing
* Modelling and simulation framework for pollution control of chemical processes
* A conceptual decomposition of MINLP models for the design of water-using systems
* Pollution prevention through reactor network synthesis: the IDEAS approach
* Effect of different waste recovery systems on the overall waste generation rates for an Advanced Life Support System
* A mixed-integer non-linear programming model for CO2 emission reduction in the power generation sector
* An integrated approach to the optimisation of water usage and discharge in pulp and paper plants

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