30 September 2013

Special issue: "Transitions to Sustainability: Systems Analysis, Design and Engineering"

International Journal of Sustainable Development 16(3/4) 2013

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science.
  • Transitioning to sustainability: pathways, directions and opportunities
  • Sustainable planning and design of large-scale metropolitan development projects
  • The limits to growth and 'finite' mineral resources: re-visiting the assumptions and drinking from that half-capacity glass
  • The New Zealand footprint project
  • What is sustainable air quality?
  • Sustainable cooling solutions for application in Western Cape Province, South Africa
  • Embedding sustainability: 'painless is just delay'
  • Strategic entry points for sustainability in university construction and engineering curricula
  • The development of an integrated model for assessing sustainability of complex systems
  • Transition engineering: adaptation of complex systems for survival
Additional Papers
  • What triggers consumers' interest toward sustainable tourism?
  • Multicriteria analysis for grouping and ranking European Union rural areas based on social sustainability indicators

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