16 September 2013

Special issue: "Corruption and Financial Performance of Private and Public Firms"

International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance 6(2/3) 2013

Part I Corruption and Financial Performance in a micro-level perspective
  • Financial corporations' performances and corruption indices around Europe 1996-2008
  • The impact of external governance quality on the economic and social success of microfinance institutions
  • Economic freedom and bank efficiency nexus
Part II Corruption and Financial Performance in a macro-level perspective
  • The historical economics of corruption and development within Italy
  • Corruption, political instability and public finance in Europe
  • Corruption, governance and sustainable development
  • A new corruption index based on individual attitudes
Part III Corruption, Crime and Economic indicators
  • Economic aspects of the complementarity between corruption and crime: evidence from Italy in the period 1996-2005
  • Organised crime and corruption. The effects on legitimate business: evidence from Northern Italy

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