18 September 2013

Editor's pick of Int. Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics articles available for free

Papers specially selected by the Editors of the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics (IJSTL) are available as free sample articles here. These articles have been selected to represent the journal's range and quality.
  • Editorial: Research in shipping and transport logistics 
  • A two-stage supply chain DEA model for measuring container-terminal efficiency 
  • The impact of capacity on firm performance: a study of the liner shipping industry 
  • North European companies and major Eurasian countries – future outlook on logistics flows and their sustainability 
  • In-transit distribution as a strategy in a global distribution system 
  • An integrated model for ship routing and berth allocation 
  • Protecting Finnish defence security: a logistics challenge 
  • Inverse scheduling: applications in shipping
  • The effect of safety management on perceived safety performance in container stevedoring operations
  • A study on the antecedents of supplier commitment in support of logistics operations
IJSTL is indexed by Thomson Reuters' Social Science Citation Index, and also by other indexing services (details are available here).

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