13 September 2013

10 free sample articles from Int. Journal of Web Based Communities to celebrate 10 years

To celebrate nearly ten years of publishing, the International Journal of Web Based Communities is now offering ten key papers as free sample articles:
  • Designing and evaluating online communities: research speaks to emerging practice 
  • The rationale of online learning communities 
  • SIOC: an approach to connect web-based communities 
  • Identifying communities in blogs: roles for social network analysis and survey instruments 
  • Learning relations and networks in web-based communities 
  • Enhancing the understanding of genres of web-based communities: the role of the ecological cognition framework 
  • Supporting a virtual community of tutors in experience capitalising
  • Bridging and bonding in social network sites – investigating family-based capital 
  • A cross-cultural analysis of Flickr users from Peru, Israel, Iran, Taiwan and the UK 
  • Twitter for crisis communication: lessons learned from Japan's tsunami disaster
These sample articles are available here.

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