19 September 2013

Special issue: "Advanced Algorithms Trust, Performance and Optimisation"

International Journal of Trust Management in Computing and Communications 1(3/4) 2013
  • Archimedean copula-based estimation of distribution algorithm for multi-objective optimisation
  • Selective opportunistic routing based on QoS in wireless mesh network
  • Enhanced t-closeness for balancing utility and privacy
  • Fuzzy logic-based detection of DDoS attacks in IEEE 802.15.4 low rate wireless personal area network
  • Cyber security: testing the effects of attack strategy, similarity, and experience on cyber attack detection
Additional Papers
  • Theory and implementation of a virtualisation level Future Internet defence in depth architecture
  • Slow DoS attacks: definition and categorisation
  • GTC: a geographical topology control protocol to conserve energy in wireless sensor networks

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