17 September 2013

Editor's pick of Int. Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology articles available for free

Papers specially selected by the Editors of the International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology (IJOGCT) are available as free sample articles here. These articles have been selected to represent the journal's range and quality.
  • Biomass gasification with pure steam in fluidised bed: 12 variables that affect the effectiveness of the biomass gasifier 
  • Development of Surrogate Reservoir Model (SRM) for fast track analysis of a complex reservoir 
  • On the effect of a global adoption of various fractions of biodiesel on key species in the troposphere 
  • Numerical studies on the effects of water presence in the coal matrix and coal shrinkage and swelling phenomena on CO2-enhanced coalbed methane recovery process 
  • Assessment of the EU target on renewable energy for transport in the framework of the European vegetable oil sector 
  • Direct numerical simulation of pore-scale reactive transport: applications to wettability alteration during two-phase flow 
  • Pore scale coupling of fluid displacement and unconsolidated sediment mechanics 
  • Three-dimensional pore networks and transport properties of a shale gas formation determined from focused ion beam serial imaging 
  • Diamondoids: occurrence in fossil fuels, applications in petroleum exploration and fouling in petroleum production. A review paper 
  • The Deutsches EnergieRohstoff-Zentrum Freiberg: advanced prospects for applied organic petrology, focused on the generation of coal based chemical products
IJOGCT is indexed by Thomson Reuters' Social Science Citation Index, and also by other indexing services (details are available here).

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