27 September 2013

Special issue: "Intelligent Systems and Applications using Knowledge and Agent Based Technologies"

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 12(3/4) 2013
  • Similar video detection using multiple direct-mapped cache
  • Attention information extraction of the foreign visitors using Text Mining
  • A multi-criteria decision-making model to increase productivity: AHP and fuzzy AHP approach
  • Comparative analysis of software reliability predictions using statistical and machine learning methods
  • Agent-based communication systems for elders using a reminiscence therapy
  • Snowball sampling consumer behaviour research to characterise the influence of market mavens on social networks
  • An evolutionary approach to discover intra- and inter-class exceptions in databases
  • Extended causal map for reasoning explanation in multi-agent systems
  • A method of extraction and visualisation for relationships among objects on web
  • Analysing the influence of headline news on the stock market in Japan

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