13 September 2013

Editor's pick of European Journal of International Management articles available for free

Papers specially selected by the Editors of the European Journal of International Management (EJIM) are available as free sample articles here. These articles have been selected to represent the journal's range and quality.
  • Culture: organisations, personalities and nations. Gerhard Fink interviews 
  • Critical issues in international management research: an agenda for future advancement
  • Cultural values in organisations: insights for Europe
  • A European perspective on HRM
  • A new Zeitgeist for international business activity and scholarship
  • Publishing in the right place or publishing the right thing: journal targeting and citations' strategies for promotion and tenure committees
  • Practical wisdom and the development of cross-cultural knowledge management: a global leadership perspective
  • Case selection biases in management research: the implications for international business studies
EJIM is indexed by Thomson Reuters' Social Science Citation Index, and also by other indexing services (details are available here).

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