4 August 2009

Special issue:Brake noise

International Journal of Vehicle Design 51(1/2) 2009
  • Suppression of drum brake squeal through structural modifications using finite element method
  • An efficient approach to estimate critical value of friction coefficient and sensitivity analysis for brake squeal
  • Automotive disk brake squeal: an overview
  • Measurement of the dynamic centre of pressure of the disk/pad interface during a braking operation
  • Squeal suppression through a tuned fuzzy damper: a numerical study
  • A predictive tool to evaluate disk brake squeal using a fully coupled thermo-mechanical finite element model
  • Perspectives and obstacles for optimisation of brake pads with respect to stability criteria
  • Structural modifications for squeal noise reduction: numerical and experimental validation
  • A combined analysis of heat conduction, contact pressure and transient vibration of a disk brake
  • Study of the nonlinear stationary dynamic of single and multi-instabilities for disk brake squeal
  • On the origin of disk brake squeal
  • Sensitivity studies of friction-induced vibration

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