5 August 2009

Special issue: Microelectromechanical systems

International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering 2(3/4) 2009
  • The combination of a laser beam delivered by a water jet to perform deep etching in silicon for MEMS applications
  • Recent developments in experimental on-chip stiction research: a review
  • Thin film shape memory alloys and microactuators
  • A review of silicon carbide development in MEMS applications
  • Advancement of micro/nanotechnology research in Institute of Precision Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • Low stress nanoporous SiNx membrane for cell culture
  • Design and fabrication of a microgripper with a topology optimal compliant mechanism
  • Modelling and simulations of DRIE including a footing effect
  • Process development support environment: a tool suite to engineer manufacturing sequences
  • Indentation on very smooth silicon wafers
  • Nanomechanical characterisation of MEMS thin film materials

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