4 August 2009

Special issue: Viability of renewable energies: regional considerations

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 39(1/2) 2009
  • Bioenergy and land use: a spatial-agent dynamic model of energy crop production in Illinois
  • Spatial diffusion of biogas technology in Switzerland: a GIS-based multi-agent simulation approach
  • Who should pay the bill for promoting green electricity? An experimental study on consumer preferences
  • Economic assessment of regional bioenergy systems in Australia: a flow analysis application
  • The viability of the South African biofuels industrial strategy
  • Renewable electricity costs in Italy: an estimation of the cost of operating in an uncertain world
  • Influence of market rules on the economic value of wind power: an Austrian case study
  • A regional coordination framework for renewable energy policy in the European Union
Submitted Papers
  • Measuring the economic benefits of protecting the Tong River in Korea: a Contingent Valuation study
  • Estimation of potential impact on Copenhagen, Denmark due to accidental releases at Nuclear Risk Sites
  • Real-time measurements of chemical compositions of secondary organic aerosol and analysis of reaction mechanisms using Single Aerosol Laser Mass Spectrometer
  • Subjective evaluation of urban environment: a case study in Beijing

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