4 August 2009

Special issue: Advances in micro and nanomanufacturing processes and systems

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 3(1/2) 2009
  • Modelling and simulation of the dynamic cutting process and surface topography generation in nano/micro cutting
  • Nano surface generation of grinding process using carbon nanotube
  • On the design of a monitoring system for desktop micro-milling machines
  • Design considerations for developing a new, ultra-high precision feeder for micro-sheet-forming applications
  • Modelling and verification of XeF2 silicon micromachining
  • Spindle speed variation method for regenerative machining chatter control
  • Evaluation of critical parameters in micro machining of hardened tool steel
  • Finite element analysis of mechanical micromilling processes
  • Development and performance evaluation of miniaturised machine tool (MMT) system
  • Adaptive compensation of tool deflection in micromilling processes

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