25 August 2009

Special issue: Energy efficiency, environmental performance and sustainability

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 32(1/2) 2009
  • Benchmarking weather sensitive plant level manufacturing energy use
  • Energy efficiency potential assessments for economic sectors in India
  • Decomposition analysis of China's electricity intensity with LMDI method
  • Fuzzy Logic-based energy efficiency Life Cycle Assessment with a case study of corn-based fuel ethanol in China
  • Environmental Efficiency analysis of China industry sector: a directional distance function approach
  • Models for evaluating energy, environmental and sustainability performance of biofuels value chain
  • A linguistic TOPSIS model to evaluate the sustainability of renewable energy options
  • The potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvement in reducing CO2 emissions in Taiwan
  • A systematic approach to assessing the sustainability of the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) under the proposed American Renewable Energy Act (H.R. 890)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and the energy system: Are current trends sustainable?

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