13 August 2009

Special issue: Innovative natural fibre composites for industrial applications

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 36(1-4) 2009

Papers from the first International Conference on Innovative Natural Fibre Composites for Industrial Applications held in Rome, Italy, 10-13 October 2007
  • Aesthetic composites based on natural fibres: NaBasCo
  • Comparison of interfacial shear strength from fibre pull out and mechanical testing in polypropylene sisal composites
  • Effect of untreated celery fibres on epoxy matrix composites
  • Effect of jute fibres on post-impact behaviour of E-glass reinforced composites assessed through Acoustic Emission
  • Hybrid composites based on fibres of marine origin
  • Hybrid polymeric composites based on polyethylene and lignin
  • Composite boat hulls with bamboo natural fibres
  • The spreading, procession, transformation of hemp in the past, present and future
  • Biobased composition boards made from cotton gin and guayule wastes: select physical and mechanical properties
  • Study on tensile properties and Interfacial Shear Strength of bamboo fibre bundles
  • Effect of surface treatment on the mechanical properties of rice straw fibre
  • State-of-the-art for extrusion and injection moulding FPC: natural Fibre Plastics Composites in Brazil
  • Development and characterisation of jute reinforced natural matrix composites
  • Novel approach to textile design for barriers against electromagnetic radiation
  • Natural-fibres composites for the automotive industry: challenges, solutions and applications
  • Enzymatic modification of wood fibres for activating their ability of self bonding
  • Industrial processing model for natural fibre composites to meet ISO 9001:2000 standards
  • Fibre boards and composites from wet preserved hemp
  • Falling weight impact damage characterisation on flax/epoxy laminates
  • Characterisation of hemp fibre reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) composites
  • Industrial applications of natural fibres advanced composites: environmental effects and comparative Life Cycle Analysis
  • Hemp fabrics for natural fibres composites industrial applications
  • Interface and mechanical properties of Natural Fibres reinforced composites: a review
  • The use of different natural fibres in the compression moulding process a highly competitive approach
  • Advances in natural fibre reinforced polymer composites: macro to nanoscales
  • Extrusion fractionation of wheat straw for biocomposites utilising the entire straw constituents
  • Recent innovative results on natural fibre composites
  • Production of innovative hemp based three-layered particleboards with reduced raw densities and low formaldehyde emissions
  • Strength prediction for jute polyester composite for long continuous fibre reinforcement
  • Characterisation of natural fibres as concrete composites for structural applications
  • Natural fibres and composites: research, development and production
  • Modification of the fibre surface for the optimisation of mechanical properties in natural-fibre reinforced polymers

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