4 August 2009

Special issue: Environmental biotechnology: Part 4

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 38(3) 2009
  • Remediation of polluted river water by biological contact oxidation process using two types of carriers
  • Effect of flocculant on microbial populations and function in Chem-Bioflocculation (CBF) treatment process using PCR-DGGE
  • Simulating accumulation of biofilms in biotrickling filter
  • Transportation and distribution of chromium in the anaerobic sludge treating the chromium-containing wastewater
  • Dye wastewater treatment by using ceramic membrane bioreactor
  • Treatment of municipal wastewater by membrane bioreactor: a pilot study
  • Biosorption and biodegradation of trichloroethylene by acclimated activated sludge
  • Anaerobic batch degradation of cattail by rumen cultures
  • Influence of environmental factors on degradation of carbendazim by Bacillus pumilus strain NY97-1
  • Wastewater treatment using bioreactor with dual functional ceramic membrane
  • Biological denitrification of drinking water using biodegradable polymer
  • Nitrate removal from groundwater using biodegradable polymers as carbon source and biofilm support
  • Poly (ε-caprolactone) as substrate for water denitrification

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