9 August 2009

Special issue: Biomass energy conversion technologies

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 31(3-4) 2009
  • Influences of pH, temperature, initial total soluble sugar concentration and particle stuffing rate on ethanol production from sugarcane juice by immobilised yeast
  • Kinetics of xylose in hydrolysate using dilute sulphuric acid as catalyst
  • Effect of different solid concentration on biogas yield and composition during anaerobic fermentation process
  • Kinetics of transesterification crude soybean oil to biodiesel catalysed by magnesium methoxide
  • The techno-economic assessment for the plant of solid substrate fermentation of refining ethanol from sweet sorghum stalk
Additional papers
  • Carbon dioxide capture and storage scenarios: a case study of the East Midlands and Yorkshire (UK)
  • Consumers' choices among alternative electricity programmes in Geneva – an empirical analysis
  • The financial hedging of contributions by oil firms to the IOPC Funds
  • The structural break and elasticity of coal demand in China: empirical findings from 1980-2006

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