4 August 2009

Special issue: 10th CIRP Workshop in Modelling of Machining Operations

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 6(1/2) 2009

The workshop was held in Reggio, Italy, 27-28 August 2007
  • Effect of finishing methods on surface characteristics and performance of precision components in rolling/sliding contact
  • What is expected from numerical simulation on machining process
  • Runtime and accuracy issues in three-dimensional finite element simulation of machining
  • Prediction of temperature distribution in the cutting zone using finite difference approach
  • Numerical analysis of crack propagation during the burr formation process of metals
  • Investigations on the adjustment of the modelling section in 2D simulations of milling processes
  • Geometric simulation of ball end milling and application for the precise machining
  • Diffusion wear modelling in 3D cutting process
  • Experimental evaluation of lubricant influence on residual stress in turning operations
  • Effect of the microstructure on the tool/chip tribological contact in hard turning of 100Cr6 bearing steel
  • Cutting process of glass with end mill
  • Enhanced finite element model of ultrasonically assisted turning

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