15 August 2009

Special issue: Advanced mechatronic systems

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 36(2) 2009

Includes papers from the 2nd International Forum on Systems and Mechatronics (IFSM2007), held in Tainan, Taiwan, 3-6 December 2007
  • Matrix analysis techniques in cage induction machines
  • Permanent magnet generators for renewable energy devices with wide speed range and pulsating power delivery
  • DSP-based PMSM drive design for electric injection moulding machines
  • Cross-correlation function combined with wavelet transform for acoustic holography scanning measurement
  • Autorange volume control for automobile audio system
  • The integration and realisation of the distributed edutainment biped humanoid robot
  • Dynamic robust compensation control to inherent high-frequency motion disturbance on the electro-hydraulic load simulator
  • Development of a humanoid robot
  • Binocular tracking with ultrasonic sensors
  • Effect of external magnetic field on the performance of composite wire structured magnetic inductors
  • Correct assembly sequence for robotic assembly using motion instability and part contact-level graphs

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