9 August 2009

Special issue: Applications of intelligent systems

International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems 3(3) 2009

Papers from the 12th Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Application held in Yunlin, Taiwan, 16–17 November 2007.
  • A computer-assisted environment for understanding geometry theorem proving problems and making conjectures
  • Reinforcement learning for training a computer program of Chinese chess
  • An efficient graph-based approach to mining association rules for large databases
  • Tempo and beat tracking for audio signals with music genre classification
  • A flexible and efficient sequential pattern mining algorithm
Regular Papers
  • Data hiding using run length matching
  • Tabu annealing: an efficient and scalable strategy for document retrieval
  • Container handling using multi-agent architecture

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Manish said...

New book on how intelligent systems are helping the fight against cancer !!