25 August 2009

Call for papers: Risk Control in Revenue Management: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Perspectives

A special issue of International Journal of Revenue Management

Besides the normal uncertainties, unusual events like the current global financial crisis, and even natural disasters and terrorist attacks, can cause significant disruption in operations and cause losses. Risk and uncertainties make revenue management more difficult than before as they have to consider new challenges of demand uncertainty, supply instability and information asymmetry. It has become necessary, and urgent, for enterprises and industries to undertake risk identification, measure and effectively to manage risks, and to reconfigure supply chain structures and revise operational decisions where necessary.

This special issue will put emphasis on the main problems of risk management in the changing new environments of revenue management, and also explore configurations and designs of logistics operations and supply chains coordination based on risk control in revenue management. It invites quality papers covering case studies, empirical studies and quantitative analysis so as to offer solutions to the emerging new challenges. Empirical and cases studies are particularly welcome.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Risk identification, analysis and control in revenue management
  • Optimal strategy design for revenue management based on risk control and management
  • Risk management in logistics and supply chains with consideration of characteristic and behaviour of participants
  • Coordination of supply chains based on risk management
Important Dates
Manuscript submissions: 31 March, 2010
Review reports: 30 June, 2010
Revised paper submission: 31 August, 2010
Final manuscript submissions to publisher: 30 November, 2010

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