30 August 2009

Special issue: 2nd ACIS Workshop on Self-Assembling Wireless Networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 6(1) 2009

The 2nd ACIS International Workshop on Self-Assembling Wireless Networks (SAWN 2006) was held in conjunction with the 7th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2006), in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 19–20 June 2006
  • Cross-layer design and optimisation for wireless sensor networks
  • Data-logging and supervisory control in wireless sensor networks
  • Deployment algorithms and indoor experimental vehicles for studying mobile wireless sensor networks
  • Approximation algorithm for maximum lifetime in wireless sensor networks with data aggregation
  • Adaptive aggregation tree transformation for energy-efficient query processing in sensor networks

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