3 December 2007

Special issue: Trust in virtual teams

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 5(1) 2008
  • A dynamic perspective of trust in virtual teams: the role of task, technology and time
  • Combining bases of trust development in virtual teams
  • Development of trust in electronic mentoring relationships
  • Sociological factors affecting trust development in virtual communities
  • An investigation of the role of trust in virtual project management success
  • Flows, bridges and brokers: exploring the development of trust relations in a distributed work group
  • The role of social capital in virtual teams and organisations: corporate value creation

1 comment:

KiddStarterz said...

Now this subject had my full attention, as one who is actively building virtual teams, for energy education and development. Most of my work is done with virtual teams, through professional networking; blogging; calling up and email follow-ups.

RePower Education is a collaborative effort to promote energy education online, using videos and email for followup. Our latest challenge is a video challenge for energy in education, which we are calling: Oil2WindPower4Education...a video challenge to Google and other video hosts, to bend the technology towards team challenges for afterschool video projects, similar to LEGO and FirstRobotics' team challenge competitions, which are also spreading the team concept...and making random videos!

To learn more...look for us on www.Change.org or Google: REPower Education in quotes.