7 December 2007

Special issue: Complex network and infrastructure protection

International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 4(1/2) 2008

Papers from the International Workshop on Complex Network and Infrastructure Protection (CNIP06) held in Rome, Italy on 28–29 March 2006.
  • Security, trust, and QoS in next-generation control and communication for large power systems
  • Dynamic recovery of critical infrastructures: real-time temporal coordination
  • The security of power systems and the role of information and communication technologies: lessons from the recent blackouts
  • Modelling of cascading effects and efficient response to disaster spreading in complex networks
  • Modelling interdependent infrastructures using interacting dynamical models
  • Security assessment in complex networks exposed to terrorist hazard: a simulation approach
  • Agents controlling the electric power infrastructure
  • Simulation of heterogeneous and interdependent critical infrastructures
  • Effects of intentional threats to power substation control systems
Additional Papers
  • Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures: watching for hidden faults
  • Understanding threats: a prerequisite to enhance survivability of computing systems
  • A systematic procedure for analysing network systems
  • The HoneyTank: a scalable approach to collect malicious internet traffic
Technical Note
  • Predicting target selection by terrorists: a network analysis of the 2005 London underground attacks

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