9 December 2007

Special issue: RFID - technologies, applications and trends

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology 2(3/4) 2007
  • RFID and smart spaces
  • RFID-based user profiling of fashion preferences: blueprint for a smart wardrobe
  • Supporting document management by using RFID technology
  • Managing RFID data in supply chains
  • RFID and supply chain performance: adoption issues in the retail supply chain
  • If objects could talk: a novel resource discovery approach for pervasive environments
  • Multi-tag RFID systems
  • The Design and Development of an RFID-enabled asset tracking system for challenging environments
  • Performance testing: evaluating an RFID library inventory reader
  • Fault-tolerant routing through the 'Umbrella' protocol
  • Optimal routing for SIP-based session set up over IMS in mobile environment

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