22 December 2007

Special issue: The relevance of unbundling for competition in electricity markets: implementation, experience, and requirements for the future

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 29(1/2) 2008
  • Electricity market reform and 'reform of the reforms'
  • The relevance of cross-border transmission capacities for competition in the continental European electricity market
  • The old and the new reform of Chile's power industry
  • The second reform of the Brazilian electric sector
  • The emergence of Australia's electricity market
  • Electricity market deregulation and energy security: a study of the UK and Singapore electricity markets
  • Unbundling ownership and control: international experience of independent system operators
  • Investment and quality incentives under price cap regimes
  • Assessing the benefits of a provision of system services by distributed generation
  • On methodology for modelling wind power impact on power systems
  • An analysis of spatial pricing and renewable generation in the British electricity system
  • Renewable policy in a competitive environment: key issues

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