7 December 2007

Call for papers: Algorithmic Game Theory

Call for papers: Algorithmic Game Theory

A special issue of International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems

Game-theory offers a formal mechanism for studying complex interactions between multiple rational participants. The emergence of the internet as a dominant communication platform has brought to the surface many interesting game theoretic problems that arise from the interplay of the entities that manage and use the internet. Algorithm and network designers, in general, are interested in analysing outcomes of these interactions. This has resulted in the formation of the new research area of algorithmic game theory which brings together two important scientific fields: economics and computer science.

Algorithmic game theory also covers problems that arise outside the internet. In this new research area, games are studied from the perspective of algorithmic issues which, for example, include the design of algorithms that compute equilibria, measurement of equilibria quality, and generally the design of new games that can be analysed with algorithmic techniques.

In this special issue, we invite the submission of papers in the broad area of algorithmic game theory. The objective is to publish a selection of high quality papers which span different areas in this research field.

Topics of interest include (but not limited to):
  • Games in communication networks
  • Routing games
  • Power games
  • Potential games
  • Network pricing
  • Mechanism design
  • Network formation
  • Pricing and auctions
  • Coalition games
  • Different equilibria concepts: Nash, Cooperative, Stackelberg, Wardrop equilibria
  • Multi-stage and repeated games
  • Zero-sum games
  • Games of imperfect or asymmetric information
  • Learning games
Important Dates
Paper submission: 1 March, 2008
Acceptance notification: 15 May, 2008
Camera ready papers due: 22 May, 2008

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