24 December 2007

Special issue: Second International Workshop on Dependability Aspects on Data Warehousing and Mining Applications, DAWAM 2007

International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining 2(4) 2007

The DAWAM 2007 workshop was organised at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, in conjunction with the Second International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2007) from 10 to 13 April, 2007.
  • Extended RBAC-based design and implementation for a secure data warehouse
  • Distribution-based methods of preserving data privacy in Distributed Spatial Data Warehouse
  • Understanding the structure of terrorist networks
  • Application of association rules mining to Named Entity Recognition and co-reference resolution for the Indonesian language
  • Knowledge worker intranet behaviour and usability
  • A novel Supervised Instance Selection algorithm
  • Knowledge actionability: satisfying technical and business interestingness

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