9 December 2007

Special issue: Emergency and risk zoning around nuclear power plants

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 8(1/2) 2008

Papers from the EC/JRC-OECD Seminar on Emergency and Risk Zoning around Nuclear Power Plants, held in Petten, The Netherlands, 26-27 April 2005.
  • Risk zoning and risk decision making
  • International requirements for the establishment of emergency zones
  • IAEA activities related to on-site management and off-site emergency preparedness involving external events including those of malevolent origin
  • Technical basis for off-site emergency planning in France
  • Emergency zoning and PSA applications in Finland
  • Emergency zoning around nuclear power plants in Slovakia
  • Reference scenarios and emergency zoning for nuclear facilities in The Netherlands
  • Risk-informed emergency planning requirements for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
  • Determination and justification of the reference scenarios and associated source terms for emergency planning in Switzerland
  • Risk zoning in relation to risk of external events (application to IRIS design)
  • IRIS safety-by-design™ and its implication to lessen emergency planning requirements
  • Accident consequence assessment and its implications for emergency planning of the pilot commercial HTR plant in China
  • mplementation of the results of the uncertainty analysis of the COSYMA package for zoning purposes
  • Urbanisation control around industrial Seveso sites: the French context
  • Summary: Main conclusions and recommendations from the JRC/OECD seminar on emergency and risk zoning around nuclear power plants (26–27 April 2005, Petten, The Netherlands)
  • Campylobacter source attribution by exposure assessment

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