3 December 2007

Special issue: Power-aware computing systems

International Journal of Embedded Systems 3(1/2) 2007

Papers from a seminar at the International Conference and Research Centre for Computer Science, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, April 2005.
  • Power-aware computing systems
  • Inter-program optimisations for disk energy reduction
  • A new way of estimating compute-boundedness and its application to dynamic voltage scaling
  • An evaluation infrastructure for power and energy optimisations
  • Exploring temperature-aware design in low-power MPSoCs
  • Design of power-aware FPGA fabrics
  • Power management in external memory using PA-CDRAM
  • Energy-aware compilation and hardware design for VLIW embedded systems
  • Algorithms for low power hardware synthesis from Concurrent Action Oriented Specifications (CAOS)
  • Horizontal and vertical HW/SW co-design flows for power aware smart card designs

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