7 December 2007

Call for papers: Artificial Societies for Ambient Intelligence

Call for papers: Artificial Societies for Ambient Intelligence

A special issue of International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) seeks to create a society based on unobtrusive, often invisible interactions amongst people and computer-based services in a global computing environment. Services in AmI will be ubiquitous in that there will be no specific bearer or provider but, instead, they will be associated with a variety of objects and devices in the environment, which will not bear any resemblance to computers. People will interact with these services through intelligent and intuitive interfaces embedded in these objects and devices, which in turn will be sensitive to what people need.

In this special issue, we aim to present the application and development of artificial societies for AmI, establish a body of knowledge and a theoretical umbrella for this, and use the resulting research to relate to existing work on areas such as the semantic web, cognitive and social agents, and ambient and ubiquitous technologies. We also hope to present current research in the area of agent societies for AmI, where human activities are supported by social organisations of agents, computing devices, or both, and assess the outcomes of such research. Our intention is to complement existing ubiquitous computing efforts that focus more on distributed systems and less on complex systems construed as artificial agent societies. This special issue therefore aspires to amalgamate ongoing research in distributed systems and complex multi-agent systems with the aim of strengthening the synergy between the two fields.

We encourage the submission of innovative and mature results in specifying, developing and deploying artificial societies for ambient intelligence. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
  • Social architectures
  • Agent interaction
  • Reasoning and knowledge representation
  • Reactivity and proactivity
  • Learning and adaptivity
  • Decision making
  • Social emergence
  • Normative reasoning and regulations
  • Security, trust and privacy
  • Interaction design and interfaces
  • Mobility
  • Applications
Important Dates
Paper submission: 30 September, 2008
Acceptance notification: 1 December, 2008
Camera ready papers due: 30 January, 2009

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