7 December 2007

Special issue: Trends in architectures, models and infrastructures to generate and handle semantics in peer-to-peer and hypermedia systems

International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology 4(1) 2008

Papers from the workshop: ‘International Workshop on Architectures, Models and Infrastructures to Generate Semantics in Peer-to-Peer and Hypermedia Systems’ organised in conjunction with the 17th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia in Odense, Denmark, 22-25 August 2006 .
  • Incorporating computational semantics into emergent hypermedia structures
  • A schema-based P2P network to enable publish-subscribe for multimedia content in open hypermedia systems
  • Ontology-supported indexing in P2P networks of digital libraries
  • XFIS: an XML filtering system based on string representation and matching
  • NBDT: an efficient P2P indexing scheme for web service discovery
  • Web service workflow selection using system and network QoS constraints

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