23 December 2007

Special issue: Building reliability into products during the product development process

International Journal of Product Development 5(1/2) 2008
  • Perspectives and challenges for product reliability assurance in the product development process
  • Reliability specification in new product development
  • Design-for-six-sigma for multiple response systems
  • Reliability-based design optimisation of vehicle drivetrain dynamic performance
  • A single-loop method for reliability-based design optimisation
  • Risk-averse reliability optimisation in electronic product design with component and non-component failures
  • Effecting product reliability and life cycle costs with early design phase product architecture decisions
  • Application of fuzzy methodology to build process reliability: a practical case
  • Functional guarantees: a new service paradigm
  • Development of a low-cost smart-card-based secure and reliable information exchange system with tamper-proofing features
  • Design development through an integrated approach: a case study of battery-operated passenger cart
  • Product quality pointers for small lots production: a new driver for Quality Management Systems

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