10 September 2011

Special issue: System identification and intelligent computing

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 41(1/2) 2011
  • New improved FLANN approach for dynamic modelling of sensors
  • Online identification of process systems in the frequency domain
  • Simulation of forming automotive semi-axes with multi-wedge cross wedge rolling
  • Automatic multi-node constrain algorithm and its application in vehicle structure analysis
  • Model order reduction via eigen decomposition analysis
  • Closed-loop identification using Laguerre orthogonal functions for a virtual diesel engine
  • Construction and renovation of the independent component analysis model in dual rate system
  • Sensitivity and validity study of generalised frequency response functions
  • Identification for fractional order rational models based on particle swarm optimisation
  • Buckling/ultimate strength and progressive collapse behaviour comparison of unstiffened and stiffened curved plates subjected to axial compression
  • Analysis and design of dual-rate inferential control systems
  • A generalised minimum variance controller for MIMO time-varying systems
  • Stabilisation and control of unstable first-order linear delay systems
  • Switching stabilisation and pole placement of uncertain switched systems
  • Application of Monte Carlo method on NIRS physiological inspection analysis
  • Controlling spatial interacting populations
  • SINS/CNS integrated navigation solution using adaptive unscented Kalman filtering
  • A study of dynamics of feedrate system-based interpolator for NURBS curve
  • Weigh feeder using steady state input
  • Monomodal registration with adaptive parameter computing
  • Utilising variable vector step-size in normalised LMS algorithm
  • Application of ISIC control for extraneous force compensation in the electrohydraulic load simulator
  • High-precision localisation algorithm in wireless sensor networks

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