10 September 2011

Special issue: Advanced manufacturing and automation

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 3(5/6) 2011

Papers from the  International Conference on  Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (INCAMA-2009) held in Tamilnadu, India, 26–28 March 2009.
  • Investigation on the effect of alkaline treatment on mechanical properties of banana fibre polymer composite
  • Swarm intelligence based system identification and controller tuning
  • Experimental research of chip formation mechanism during high speed machining of hardened steel
  • Characterisation of delamination failure in composite wind turbine blade using refined delamination factor
  • A hybrid fault diagnosis and monitoring system for precision rotor systems
  • A new approach to nullify surplus parts in selective assembly
  • Modelling and development of decision model for supplier selection in process industry
  • Implementation of genetic optimisation technique in small-scale industries
  • CFD simulation studies and experimental validation on a parallel plate heat sink
  • Effects of fibre content on the mechanical properties of short roselle/sisal fibre polyester hybrid composite
  • Manufacturing cell formation using artificial immune system
  • Investigation on the effect of hybridisation and weathering behaviour of natural fibre polymer composites
  • Predictive modelling and optimisation of tin in electro-deposition of bronze using response surface methodology
  • Effect of viscosity on radial stress, drawing stress and drawing force in fluid assisted deep drawing process

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