1 September 2011

Special issue: The importance of social, cultural and human capital in the SME: exploration at different stages of development across Europe

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 14(1) 2011
  • Social, cultural and human capital in European SMEs: an introduction
  • Beyond social capital: the role of perceived legitimacy and entrepreneurial intensity in achieving funding success and superior venture performance in women-led Russian SMEs
  • Cultural capital and European entrepreneurship research: a plea for a paradigm focusing on national, corporate and professional cultural capital
  • Beyond the concept of human and social capital: the impact of the regional environment on high-tech venturing
  • Does bank perception of abilities and human capital affect access to loans for business successors?
    Cooperation and teamwork in technology start-ups: reflected in some Italian, British, Dutch and German findings
  •  The importance of specific human capital, planning and familiarity in Dutch small firm ownership transfers: a seller's perspective
  • Social capital to bridge the valley of death, simulating critical incidents in innovation

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