17 September 2011

Special issue: Pattern recognition and intelligent systems and control

International Journal of Systems, Control and Communications3(3) 2011

Papers from the Sixth International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN’09) held in Wuhan, China, 26-29 May 2009.
  • Reducing dimensionality of hyperspectral data with diffusion maps and clustering with k-means and Fuzzy ART
  • Moving object detection method based on the cloud model and background subtraction
  • A novel approach to classificatory problem using neuro-fuzzy architecture
  • Hybrid-LWM: A linear-model based hybrid clustering algorithm for supplier categorisation
  • Research of adaptive immune network intrusion detection model
  • Modelling of monkey's motor cortical signals by an extended adaptive Liquid State Machine: an integrated procedure from model, identification, experiments, data fitting, to validation
  • Quasipolynomials and the structure at infinity of linear systems with delay
  • Duel fuzzy logic controllers design for autonomous robot navigation
  • Modelling and control of a flexible two-wheeled self-balancing mobile robot

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