29 September 2011

Special issue: Planning and control in robotics

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 41(3/4) 2011
  • On the optimal size of a robust swarm
  • Particle swarm optimisation of a discontinuous control for a wheeled mobile robot with two trailers
  • Genetic algorithm based solution to dead-end problems in robot navigation
  •  Robotic nanoassembly: current developments and challenges
  • Coordination control of wheeled mobile robots – a hybrid approach
  • A method for modelling of parameter estimation laws depending on functions for adaptive control of robot manipulators
  • Nonlinear control of the underactuated two-link manipulator using the sliding-mode type partial linearisation method
  • Design of Active Front Steering (AFS) system with QFT control
  • Analysis of a dual-arm mobile robot dynamics and balance compensation
  • Real-time landmark modelling for visual-guided walking robots
  •  Robust simultaneous feedback stabilisation of space robot attitude
  • 3D curves with a prescribed curvature and torsion for an aerial robot
  • System modelling and control of an intelligent bionic leg
Submitted Papers
  • ACO-based BW algorithm for parameter estimation of hidden Markov models
  • Using support vector machine for characteristics prediction of hydraulic valve
  • Blind dependent sources separation method using wavelet
  • A survey on grid task scheduling
  • The application of the wavelet finite element method on the temperature calculation of ceramic coating diesel engine piston
  • Real-time tool condition monitoring of face milling using acousto-optic emission – an experimental approach

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