10 September 2011

Special issue: Knowledge inclusion in creative processes

International Journal of Product Development 14(1-4) 2011

Papers from the 8th International Symposium on Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering (TMCE) held in Ancona, Italy,  12-16 April 2010.
  • Integration of topology optimisation tools and knowledge management into the virtual Product Development Process of automotive components
  • Sharing relevant knowledge within product development
  • Ontology development for knowledge representation
  • Towards a trans-disciplinary concept of failure for Integrated Product Development
  • A step-based framework to combine creativity, project management and technical development in industrial innovation
  • Simulating intertwined design processes that have similar structures: a case study of a small company that creates made-to-order fashion products
  • Aggregate views to manage complex dependency models
  • Knowledge Management integration in Occupational Health and Safety systems in the construction industry

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