26 September 2011

Call for Papers: Should water and sanitation services be privatised?

A special issue of International Journal of Society Systems Science

In recent years, privatisation and public-private partnerships have been advocated for providing efficient drinking water supply, wastewater management and sanitation services. This issue seeks to assess the current management practices and related policies, institutions, organisations and actors in drinking water supply, wastewater management and sanitation to seek an understanding about the contemporary much- debated question in the water world: should water services and sanitation be privatised for ensuring efficient management?

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  •  Water services provision in areas of poverty
  •  Drinking water supply, sanitation and wastewater management in the developing world
  •  Drinking water, wastewater management, sanitation and health
  •  Minimum basic water requirements
  •  Water as a human right
  •  Water and millennium development goals
  •  Water and education
  •  Drinking water and sanitation for peace
  •  Security, drinking water and sanitation provisions
  •  Drinking water and sanitation services for tourism
  •  Practices of urban water supply and sanitation institutions
  •  Rural water services and sanitation institutions
  •  Role, policies and influence of international monetary organisations, e.g. World Bank, ADB, IMF
  •  Policy and influence of multinational water companies
  •  Roles and policies of regional organisations, e.g. EU, African Union , SAARC
  •  Role of United Nations
  •  Financial mechanisms for drinking water and sanitation infrastructure development
  •  Ownership of water infrastructures
  •  Local knowledge and best practices in water services
  •  Good and bad water services and sanitation management practices and lesson learned from both public and private sectors
  •  Public-private partnerships in water services
  •  International and regional legal instruments for water services and sanitation
  •  National water policies and laws
  •  Comparative analysis of national approaches to water services management
  •  Cost-benefit analysis of water supply and sanitation interventions
  •  Willingness-to-pay and the management of water services
  •  Local and national water policy expertise and its influence on water services management
 Important Dates
 Deadline for manuscript submission:  10 April, 2012
 Communication of peer review to authors:  10 July, 2012
 Deadline for revised manuscripts:  15 September, 2012

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