18 September 2011

Call for Papers: Spatial Planning and Historical Cities

A special issue of International Journal of Sustainable Society

The destruction of historical landscape and culture during rapid economic development is reaching worrying proportions in many Asian areas, where new urban redevelopment projects are implemented in urban downtown areas.

 A lesson gained from the urban development experience is that the aspect of urban conservation is a strategic opportunity for sustainable society, in the sense that it could be easier to gather all stakeholders concerned with community suitability in historic preservation areas, since historical and cultural landscape is limited. In addition, the imbalance between the protection and development in historical cities awakens stakeholders when traditional communities are disappearing gradually. Urban conservation is therefore a strategy for urban regeneration and community development in historic preservation areas.

 This special issue focuses on spatial planning and historical conservation issues in Asian areas. The objective is to provide an insight into the experiences of planning policy and implementation for urban conservation from the viewpoints of sustainable society.

 Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  •  Spatial planning and historical areas
  •  Urbanisation and historical landscape
  •  Historical values and sustainable society
Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts:  30 November, 2011
Communication of peer review to authors:   20 January, 2011
Deadline for revised manuscripts:  31 March, 2012

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