21 September 2011

Special issue: Advanced applications of environmental modelling systems

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 44(1/2) 2011

Papers from the 7th International Conference on  Large Scale Scientific Computations held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, 4-8 June 2009.
  • Expected trends of regional climate change for the Carpathian Basin for the 21st century
  • A system for assessment of climatic air pollution levels in Bulgaria: description and first steps towards validation
  • A nested application of four-dimensional variational assimilation of tropospheric chemical data
  • Modelling and measurements of the atmospheric boundary layer in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Numerical study of some high PM10 level episodes
  • Air pollution modelling, sensitivity analysis and parallel implementation
  • Studying air pollution levels in the Balkan Peninsula area by using an IBM Blue Gene/P computer

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