18 September 2011

Call for Papers: Transparent Computing and Services

A special issue of International Journal of Cloud Computing

In cloud computing all computation and storage resources are virtualised, and everything including software, platform and infrastructure is as a service which can be deployed and scaled out quickly on demand.

Transparent Computing (TC) has many things in common with cloud computing, but with emphasis on user-controllable cloud services. To achieve such user controllability, underlying computing platforms, especially operating systems, have no need to be closely bounded with a computer, and thus can be treated as a special kind of service.

Any computational device, including desktops, laptops, pads, mobile phones and even sensors, can be dynamically installed according to its user’s preference and the device’s specifications. A selected OS is streamed on demand and temporarily resides on a device so in a way that allows the transparent computer/device (TC/D) to be very light, low cost and highly reliability. It is OS select-ability that enables a TC/D to get services across OS-dependent clouds and allows a user to get desired transparent services (TS) from different clouds.

The objective of this special issue is to invite highly state-of-art research contributions, tutorials and position papers that address the broad challenges of transparent computing and transparent services, covering transparent computing OSs, communications, management, security, applications, etc . Original papers describing completed and unpublished work are solicited.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  •  Transparent and cloud computing architecture
  •  Transparent PaaS and cloud computing OSs
  •  Transparent computers and devices including pads, phones and sensors
  •  Transparent virtualisation technologies
  •  Transparent streamed data communications
  •  Transparent computing over wired/wireless networks
  •  Transparent computing user controllability
  •  Transparent computing security, privacy and trust
  •  Transparent services and QoS
  •  Transparent computing applications
Important Dates
Submission of paper:  20 November, 2011
First-round acceptance notification:  20 January, 2012
Revised papers deadline:  20 February, 2012
Final decision:  20 March, 2012

1 comment:

Joseph said...

It will be interesting how businesses will adapt to all the facilities cloud computing offers. Being able to access any business IT services your company requires in order to achieve their goals, that sounds like a dream come true for any business owner. This new concept of transparent computing also sounds like a great alternative for companies to grow and have great performance results. Only time will tell which is the best option.