21 September 2011

Special issue: Opportunities and challenges in interorganisational collaboration in information systems development

International Journal of Information Technology and Management 10(2-4) 2011
  • A game-theoretical model for inter-organisational collaboration in information systems development
  • A study of Information Processing effectiveness in inter-organisational collaboration in Software Development
  • Building collaboration networks for 3G system development, attempts from China
  • A framework of Collaborative Commerce and internet organisation business model innovation in the tourism industry: the case study of the Veterans Affairs Commission in Taiwan
  • Removing obstacles when implementing inter-organisational information systems
  • Interorganisational systems within SMEs aggregations: an exploratory study on information requirements of an industrial district
  • Critical factors in collaborative software development in supply chain management
  • Risk-driven Management Contingency Policies in Collaborative Software Development
  • Theoretical perspectives of strategic alliances: a literature review and an integrative framework

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