17 September 2011

Special issue on nanomanufacturing and nanotechology – Part I

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 7(3/4) 2011

The 2nd International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2010) was held in Tianjin, China, 26-29 September 2010.

  • Surface formation characteristics in elliptical ultrasonic assisted grinding of monocrystal silicon
  • Kinematics in ultra-precision grinding of WC moulds
  • Research on the ultra-precision ductile cutting mechanism of KDP crystal
  • Design of an ultra-precision machine tool for machining microstructures of laser fusion capsule
  • Design and cooperation control analysis of a coarse-fine dual stage drive positioning system
  • An investigation on the effect of ultra-precision machined patterns in wetting transition
  • A method for characterising residual strains around femtosecond laser microexploded waveguide by nanoindentation
  • Research on the tool alignment error in fabrication of off-axis paraboloid surfaces by using slow-tool-servo technique
  • Numerically controlled sacrificial plasma oxidation using array-type electrode toward high-throughput deterministic machining
  • An investigation on surface generation in ultra-precision raster milling
  • A differential confocal LG/LD SAW detection system to determine mechanical properties of layered thin films
  • Laser deburring process for structured edges on precision moulds
  • Design of an adaptive controller in constant pressure grinding of natural diamond cutters
  • Effects of tool edge radius and rake angle on ductile machining process of CaF2
  • Development of a circular-type integrated electrode tool for ER fluid-assisted polishing
  • Deposition and characterisation of ultralow-stress ZnO thin films for application in FBAR-based gravimetric biosensors
  • Fabrication of carbon nanotubes field emitter arrays on the flexible substrate using reversal roller imprint lithography

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